Thank You Mt. Hebron Baptist Church!!


I want to send out a BIG -THANK YOU!!!! – to Mt. Hebron Baptist Church and their guests in Spruce Pine, Alabama, for hosting a fall paint party by Fabric & Frames on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016!!!! Also, a special THANK YOU goes out to Jennie Delashaw for contacting us and coordinating the paint party at Mt. Hebron Baptist!

It was a wonderful social time for more than 40 ladies who painted such pretty Harvest Angels, Whimsical Crosses, and Fall Pumpkins!!

My mother, Regena, and I wanted to say, yet again, how special this group was and what a fantastic time it was spent with you. It was a true blessing to us to be able to serve all of you precious women. Thank you!!!

Here is a link to the Fabric & Frames Facebook Page, where you can find photos to like, share and tag yourselves and others from the event.

Keep us in mind for future paint events. We do at home, church, civic organization, business, public social paint events and more. Give me a call at 256-468-7043 or email me at

Below is a slide show of the event!

God Bless You,

Jennifer R. Statham


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